Hangzhou Xihu State Guesthouse, also called Liu’s Villa, lies on the West Lake. The hotel faces the lake on three sides, with Dingjiashan behind it, holding an area of 3.6 million square meters, stretches two kilometers along the lake. The hotel is famous for its buildings with south-of-Yangtze-river garden of being exquisite, harmonious and magnanimous; in addition to elegant furnishings and abundant human landscapes, small and delicate bridges, waterside pavilions, ancient trees, exquisite buildings decorated the yard, won the hotel a fame of “the first garden of the West Lake”.
  Through constant effort, especially in recent years, the hotel has made much progress in improving its facilitates and services. Now, the hotel has 8 buildings with 173 guest rooms(including president suite), nearly 500dining seats, meeting facilitates with advanced equipment, high quality health-keeping facilitates such as International Class A golf course, tennis court ,yachts, qualifying itself as an excellent place for state leaders and top businessmen to spend holidays and enjoy relaxation.
  The hotel continuously improve its staff’service quality, is determined to welcome distinguished guests from every corner of the world with exquisite artistic services and plump enthusiasm.
  In order to upgrade our service to a high level, the guesthouse positively implements standard services, at the same time, it introduced new services concepts of Gold key and full-time housekeeping service.
1.Gold Key
  Gold key is not only the symbol for individualized service of modern hotels, but also a general agent for comprehensive services both inside and outside. The service concept of gold key is to offer guests with service of “satisfaction and surprise”, to acquaint guests with meticulous consideration and care from they step into the hotel till they depart on condition of not violating locating law and ethics. For guests, gold key is a trustworthy person while you are on journey, a faithful friend who values friendship, a trouble dealer as well as an expert on individualized services.
2.Full-Time Housekeeping Service
  “Constant accompanying equals to keeping appropriate distance, follow and offer demanded service accurately, guarantee to offer the very service that guests really need” are the basic requirement for full-time housekeeping service, and also the goal which we should make great effort to obtain. A full-time housekeeping should coordinate a series of services, such as checking-in in the guest room, quick checking-out, free clothes ironing, free shoes shining, package services, information offering etc., all of which consist of seamless service that will realize guests’ high satisfaction.

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